Our goal is to help clients understand and define their needs and develop a work plan that will deliver a successful acquisition, merger, divestiture, license, succession or marketing plan.

AIM Capital Corp. clients are attracted to us because we are proven, honest and ethical.

We provide exceptional client service while maximizing your return.

We think straight and talk straight.

  • Integrity. We keep our word and hold the best interest of our clients at heart. When we make a promise, we deliver on it.
  • Expertise. We are experts in our field. Through ongoing practice, research, training and development, we stay current on issues relevant to the advice we offer.
  • Trustworthy. We are honest, transparent and provide clarity without exaggeration or understatement.
  • Accountability. We engage in assignments where we can secure value for the client. We structure deals to maximize financial reward while obtaining the best possible terms.
  • Communication. We think through an entire solution and document it before we make a commitment. We under promise, over deliver and keep you informed along the way.