Beijing Coal Bed Methane Trade Show – June 13-15, 2012

Gas Field Innovators (GFI), a Canadian fabricator of gas pumps and compressors engaged AIM Capital Corp. representatives David Xu and Phil Payne to represent them at the Beijing Coal Bed Methane Trade Show on June 13-15, 2012. This trade show is one of China’s large oil and gas equipment manufacturer exhibitions and is an ideal venue to showcase Canadian gas field technology that is not yet sold or manufactured in Asia. AIM Capital Corp. solicited China based manufacturers for GFI products.


TEC Edmonton Centre

TEC Edmonton helps inventors transform unique and/or patentable ideas into smart businesses. A joint venture between the University of Alberta and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, TEC Edmonton opens commercialization doors for Alberta entrepreneurs, investors and the University of Alberta research community.

TEC’s unique resources include the TEC Centre-a business incubation facility, and business specialists for use by all Albertans.

TEC Edmonton is a not-for-profit enterprise providing advisory services, unique world class facilities and is second to none. Phil Payne has mentored several TEC Centre clients as an advisor.


Alberta Connects 2010: Progress for a Province. Opportunity for a Nation. – May 10-13, 2010


Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada and Phil Payne, AIM Capital Corp. CEO and member of the Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG), joined dozens of Alberta business leaders in the nation’s capital to establish relationships and help build bridges between east and west.

AEG organized this three-day forum in Ottawa and enjoined several opposition members and their leaders, twenty sitting ministers and Prime Minister Harper in candid discussions on how to grow Alberta’s oil sands and resources in a harmonious fashion.

AEG is Alberta’s common sense public policy advocacy group. AEG focuses on improving life for all Albertans, through the promotion of balanced economic growth, efficient government services, open and accountable government practices, supporting strong Alberta communities and setting long-term goals with a vision and plan to meet them.


AIM Capital Corp. Attends the Alberta Enterprise Group Trade Mission 2008 in Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C. – January 15-18 2008, Over 100 industry executives attended with Alberta’s Premier Ed Stelmach and Minister of Sustainable Resource Development, Ted Morton. This trade mission was organized by Cal Nichols and Tim Shipton of the Alberta Enterprise Group and was hosted by ten elected senators, congress members and Ted Leonsis, the CEO of AOL and owner of the Washington Capitals. A White House tour was included.

Phil Payne of AIM Capital Corp. participated. The Mayor of Calgary, Dave Bronconnier and the CEO of CNRL, Murray Edwards reviewed opportunities in Alberta and the Oilsands and were very well received by two hundred attendees and press. Han Hua, the President of China National Petroleum was also in attendance. Canadian Ambassador Mike Wilson and the Canadian Embassy hosted a reception for three hundred international guests. Economists and business leaders were panelists on several related topics.

Alberta’s economic opportunity corridor from Ft McMurray to Calgary, centered in Edmonton was identified in a Joint Economic Committee report from the US Congress. It is one of the safest, most secure sources of oil and gas in the world. The USA now ranks Alberta oil and gas reserves as greater than Saudi Arabia. The USA is very cognizant of environmental concerns but advised they do not propose widespread importing of pollutant laden oil.

Alberta Enterprise Group and the USA Senate and Congress featured Andrew Card as the key note speaker. Andrew is past chief of staff to the President and his inspirational reflections on democracy and his 9-11 experience held every one spellbound.