Leaving Your Small Business: Your Plan For a Successful Transition
Government of Alberta, 2007. 22 pages, 7 chapters.

Leaving Your Small Business is a management guide for Alberta-based small business owners with less than 50 employees who are considering a change in the ownership or management of their business.

Planning for Success
Rene Lewandowski, 2007. 3 pages.

Planning for Success is an article from CA Magazine that touches on preparing an exit strategy for business owners in order for them to avoid the headache that could come from being unprepared.

Using Multiples to Value Your Business
Edward Karstetter, 2002. 1 page.

This article examines valuation multiples and how they can help you determine the value of your business.

Industry Multiples Global Report, Standard Edition
Valmetrics, March 2006. 71 pages.

The Industry Multiples Global Report (IMGR) Standard Edition is a free quarterly publication delivering valuation multiples for main industries to help both investors and entrepreneurs approximate the value of a company.