Seeking to optimize proceeds of sale on your shares or business assets?

AIM Capital Corp. will analyze vendor options to determine which divestiture strategies best suit your needs. To help you decide, we will provide you financial metrics for completed deals in your industry.

Where this involves selling to partners, suppliers, competitors or investors, or disposing of a business unit, AIM Capital Corp. will provide you a disposition plan.

Our proven methodology assures you that the best possible purchase candidates are researched, qualified, and contacted, when you are ready to proceed.

Offers to buy or sell are presented to you with executed and integral confidentiality, non-solicitation, non- competition agreements with those you pre-approve.

Seeking a medium term cash flow for your prototype or intellectual property?

AIM Capital Corp. will assist you in evaluating the options available to generate cash flows. Licensing, joint venture or outright sale may be options to consider.

Royalties, transaction fees, attainable deliverables will be identified and implementation strategies defined. Specialists in your industry will be engaged in a confidential manner as appropriate. If licensing is determined to be appropriate, you will be provided with a draft agreement designed to protect your intellectual property.

AIM Capital Corp. will negotiate for you or provide confidential licensing advisory services.