Looking to sell or gift your business, shares or assets to family, employees, or others?

Integration of employees or family into your investor group, and the transfer of wealth prior to retirement or death are unique issues that every organization must address.

AIM Capital Corp. will provide you with succession planning advice while you are in a leadership role. We specialize in developing succession planning strategies and the implementation process.

During the development of your succession plan and program, we will explore: goals and objectives, exit strategy, business valuation, business structure and organization, tax and legal considerations, estate planning, successor selection and training, contingency planning, conflict resolution, timelines, and a communications plan.

A draft of your succession program will be developed with you and your legal advisor. A detailed transition plan is included.

We provide a proprietary Succession Planning Toolkit, and guide you through the critical and often sensitive financial and non-financial considerations.

We will help you establish goals that are: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.