What is my business worth?

There is no shortcut to determining the value of your business. Depending on your balance sheet alone to value your equity does your business a great injustice.

Accepting an inaccurate or incomplete valuation can be very costly for sellers, and very rewarding for buyers.

AIM Capital Corp. will provide you a review of past earnings multiples in your industry, a compilation of your historic cash flows, and a fair market value estimation based on your future earnings projections.

The real valuation usually lies somewhere between past earnings multiples paid, and what a willing and fully informed buyer will pay you based on your future earnings projections.

When you sell your business, you may find that the income from after tax principal will provide a greater income to you than the sum of annual salaries, bonuses, and perks.

AIM Capital Corp. has a proven methodology to secure interested buyers and to solicit their best offers.

Improve your liquidity and worth—do you have an established plan?

Have you taken the time to assess what your business is actually worth?

We recognize just how hard you worked to build your company. We challenge our clients to understand the real worth of their company—and not accept less than this worth.

AIM Capital Corp. will guide you in accurately determining the value of your business, while also showing you how to convert your investment into liquid net worth. If a business, property or equipment valuation is deemed appropriate we will assist you in selecting a highly qualified and independent valuator.

There is a substantial difference between a financial value calculated from past earnings and full market value. We will help you to understand the difference and design a program targeted to realize the true worth of your business. During this review, we assess:

 How best to determine full market value and to portray that the majority of the valuation is a premium based on a mature and future earnings stream
 Whether holding a sale to a fixed timetable will deny you your just reward and years of financial freedom
 Whether to sell immediately or at a later date, and if so how best to approach the matter
 How timing may make a large difference in your selling price, for example, if you sell when the buyers are paying historic highs
 How to introduce you to strategic buyers – ones more qualified than employees, competitors and other obvious purchasers.