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More than 35 commercial acquisition and divestiture transactions have been completed. The partial listings of transactions in Canada follows:

Auto Retailer, Client Confidential

Thirty-year dealership of internationally branded trucks and autos was seeking to reposition current manager with a new owner. AIM Capital Corp. was contracted to research and negotiate a purchase agreement with a pre-qualified buyer and to negotiate a management agreement. Successfully negotiated business purchase terms, new facility and extended management agreement.

Transaction: Divestiture (Sale)

Services: Confidential information memorandum, Prospecting, Negotiations, Due diligence, Management reporting,Offer to sell.


Oilfield Drilling Manufacturer, Client Confidential

This thirty-year manufacturer of drilling accessories had global stocking distributors, high profitability, wide market acceptance and the retirement of the founder in mind. AIM Capital Corp. was contracted to generate a confidential information memorandum, assist management in the preparation of reports requested by buyers, solicit bidders and answered their questions. AIM drafted an accepted offer to sell, provided due diligence from client data files and assisted in the closing. The vendor was targeting a bid based on a third party valuation and was pleasantly surprised with multiple international bids and a closing price well above the valuation estimate.

Transaction: Divestiture (Sale)

Services: Confidential information and memorandum, Prospecting, Negotiations, Due diligence, Special management reports, Offer to sell, Closing assistance.


Oilfield Chemical Manufacturer, Client Confidential

An established regional supplier of oil well production chemicals was profitably marketing within Alberta and had unique blends, good customer brand acceptance, a solid service team and the retirement of both founders as the goal. AIM Capital Corp. was engaged to prepare a buyer feasibility study, prepare a confidential information memorandum, and to solicit invitational bids. Several offers and a cash closing in excess of the target followed. Employees wishing employment were continued, and a smooth succession occurred for staff and the vendors.

Transaction: Divestiture (Sale)

Services: Confidential information and memorandum, Prospecting, Negotiations, Bid solicitation and receipt, Due diligence with data room, Closing assistance.


Oilfield Equipment Manufacturer, Client Confidential

This successful manufacturer of containment devices used in the oil patch was being marketed by a business brokerage and AIM Capital Corp. was requested by them to find a purchaser. The confidential information memorandum generated for the vendor by their broker was utilized and a cash offer tabled and closed. Considerable competitive concerns were laid to rest in this sale as an industry leader purchased one of their strongest competitors.

Transaction: Divestiture (Sale)

Services: Prospecting, Negotiations


Insurance Brokerage, Client Confidential

A national Canadian multi-line brokerage with unique home insurance underwriting was sold to a competing underwriter. AIM Capital Corp. researched all qualified underwriter buyers, visited them with the divestiture team and provided due diligence services to the purchaser. The sale of this group was completed in less than one year.
Transaction: Divestiture (Sale)

Services: Qualifying buyers, Negotiations, Confidential Information Memorandum, Closing assistance


Technical Trade School

This Calgary based college is one of two apprenticeship certification programs approved by Alberta Education. With a long established history, thousands of graduates and skilled new owners, there was a bright future and opportunity to expand this niche business. AIM Capital Corp. was engaged to recruit qualified buyers, help them secure financing and close the sale transaction on behalf of the vendors.

Transaction: Divestiture (Sale)

Services: Confidential Information Memorandum, qualifying buyers, letter of intent review, negotiation, closing assistance


China Deal Completions

Eight business transactions with Chinese and Canadian Companies have been completed effective January 1, 2019.